3 Things to Do Right Now to Get Unstuck in Your Career and Move Forward

So, you don’t like your current role, and you’ve been weighing your options and asking yourself some hard questions like, “Is it really possible to find another job that I’ll truly love even on the bad days?” or “How do I move on from this position and pivot into something different?” 

I’ve stood in your shoes before, and I know what it’s like to feel stuck in place in your current role, knowing that you want to take action but are unsure how to move forward. 

This doesn’t have to be your story forever, however, so in this blog post, I’ll be sharing three practical steps you can take right now to get unstuck in your career and make progress!

Strategy #1: Identify what you do or don’t like in your current role and how that overlaps with your strengths. 

You can take away a lot from your observations on the job, so pay closer attention to the things that don’t spark joy as much and what type of work does! 

I always want to point out that your strengths don’t always align with what you find joy in. For example, you may be really great at something, but you don’t exactly like doing it. So as you consider your strengths, focus on the things you’re skilled at and love doing, and that should point you in the right direction. 

Strategy #2: Determine what your dream work culture is for you. 

Every company has its own unique workplace culture that dictates how they work and support their employees, so ask yourself what you’re looking for in a work environment if you haven’t before! 

Narrowing down what you prefer in workplace culture will absolutely help you decide on your next steps, whether that’s a full-on career change or a move within your company. You can start visualizing your ideal work environment by asking yourself essential questions like if you prefer fast-paced offices over slower-paced ones or whether you like collaborative cultures or independent ones. And don’t be afraid to ask yourself the harder ones, like how would you want your company to handle another public health crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic?

Getting unstuck takes a lot more searching within than you may think, so dig deep to easily recognize the work cultures that are the right fit for you! 

Strategy #3: Focus on the industry that fits your interests. 

What kind of work do you actually want to do, and which industries allow you to do it the way you want to? Are the jobs you’re interested in transferable across different industries or unique to just one or two? 

Getting unstuck starts with figuring out what you enjoy and don’t enjoy, so think through these different questions and see where they lead you! 

Need more help pinpointing what your pain points are at work? 

You can access my Career Investigation Worksheet here to help narrow down what you’re looking for in your career. Then, for more resources and tips for getting unstuck in your career, listen to my podcast Shine at Work or work 1:1 with me with career coaching!