70 | Finding a new job is a full time job: Building The Habits Needed To Successfully Change Careers with Erin Galloway

In this episode, I spoke with Erin Galloway about her career journey and the habits that she had to continually evolve as life changed for her.  Although she had been fortunate enough to create and maintain good habits growing up, she knew she needed to keep developing different habits to keep learning, growing and moving forward.  She shares some of her most impactful tips on how to create healthy habits for your career, especially when you are searching for a new job!

In this episode you will specifically learn how to…

  • Find ways to learn in a new space or career
  • Be open to different experiences, and how they may take you down a road that you didn’t realize you would love, or perhaps realize what you thought you might love you really don’t.
  • Weave all your experiences together
  • Be aware of potential burnout while searching for a new job by finding balance in your job search (it’s a marathon, not a sprint)

More about Erin Galloway…

With a Master’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies, and time at The Ohio State University and Johns Hopkins University under her belt, her entire career has focused on behavior change and how small choices add up to have a big impact. She has been supporting families, communities, and schools in creating lifestyle changes and building healthy environments that lead to long-term, multi-generational wellbeing. 

Erin also managed a high-achieving career while being fiercely independent and being a present single parent to her daughter. All of these decisions have come with LOTS of messiness that “life” can sometimes throw at us.

She applauds women who don’t try to “do it all” and coaches entrepreneurs and parents on how to create habits, systems, and structures that keep us consistent through times of crisis and times of coasting.

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