71 | Stop Accepting Burnout & Unhappiness And Take Back Control Of Your Career with Alex Simmons

In this episode, I spoke with Alex Simmons about his career in private equity and investment banking, the impact it had on his life and how he took action to help others not find themselves in the same place.  He found himself burned out during the traditional high stakes nature of this career and was introduced to therapy and meditation and later coaching.  He soon realized that everyone around him was stressed and burned out and his employer only offered a standard Employee Assistance Program, which was not proactive but instead for crisis management and came with its own stigmas.  Alex shares his vulnerability in his own mental health journey and how he created a safe space for people to be proactive in their own mental wellbeing by starting a company, Boon Health, that offers accessible coaching for employees.  

In this episode, you will  specifically learn how to:

  • Build consistent healthy habits:  What keeps you healthy mentally & physically, is it working out, eating better?  Do you have good sleep habits?  Are you tracking your bad days and what helped you feel better?
  • Build resiliency:  Having the skill set in tough times to adapt to adversity and how quickly you can bounce back from it.
  • Be self-aware: Ensure that your decision to change jobs or companies isn’t coming from emotion rather being grounded in that decision and why you want to make the change.
  • Find gratitude: What makes you happy outside of work?

More about Alex…

Alex is the Co-Founder + CEO of Boon Health, a B2B personalized coaching platform that is on a mission to build a more resilient world. After spending the beginning of his career working in private equity and investment banking, Alex saw an opportunity to bring more approachable and personal and professional growth tools into the workplace. Alex is an avid golfer and COVID has turned him into a serious barista.

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