72 | How To Be The GOAT: Building Your Personal Brand To Shine In Your Career with Lauren Widrick

This season as we focus on opportunity and confidence, I spoke with my friend, Lauren Widrick, who is also my own life and business coach.  After college, Lauren went into IT within the investment banking world.  While she was very successful in her career, leading a large team, making money and climbing the corporate ladder, she realized she wasn’t happy or remaining true to her authentic self and personal brand.  So she hired a coach and then decided to start her own side hustle as a coach herself!  In 2018, she exited corporate life and took the leap into full time entrepreneurship, her business morphed several times but her personal brand remained the same.  Now she helps other people amplify what makes them unique!  Because finding your GOAT statement will give you swagger and help you shine bright.

In this episode, you will specifically learn how to:

  • Identify internally your GOAT factor – What you are good at, what do you love, what are your lived experiences?  Also, getting other people’s feedback to check and see if your personal brand is authentic or needs to be tuned up.    
  • What you want to be known for – What are the core 3 or 4 things you want others to know about you?
  • Where to express it – LIVE IT EVERYDAY!  Don’t be afraid to infuse those 3 or 4 things into your current job or project.
  • Have open conversation with others – Open conversations with others about your own personal brand will help you stay true to your authentic self.  It’s also a way to connect and help bond your team.

More about Lauren…

Lauren Widrick is a Life + Business coach, and her mission is to help you Grab Life by the Goals. She helps people at all phases of their entrepreneurial journey, from startup to sales to scaling. She helps people find the swagger to expand and disrupt in all areas of business. She offers courses, coaching masterminds, retreats and speaking/training engagements.

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