74 | How To Answer Uncomfortable Job Questions: Job gaps, Toxic Former Employers, Compensation And More

In this week’s episode, we are focusing on the interview process;  how to prepare for interviews, how to handle the tough questions about job gaps, former employers, and the dreaded money talk.  And to add in an extra layer of complication in this whole new world since the pandemic, you also may be interviewing remotely for the first time and need to prepare for the uniqueness of that as well.  I have been in HR for over twenty years and have done what seems like millions of interviews and they can be hard!  You may feel like there are some “gotcha” questions, which are not intentional but just may be hard to answer if you aren’t prepared – but don’t worry, you will have everything you need to handle all those questions!  I also share with you my Interview Preparation Guide to help you shine your brightest at the interview!

In this episode, you will specifically learn…

  • Basic interview prep – Research the company, the interviewer and the details of the job so you  have detailed questions for the interviewer and stay away from those surface level questions. 
  • How to approach tougher questions – You know they are going to come up, so be ready to answer questions about a gap in your resume, why you are making a career change, why you are leaving or have left your previous company and the always dreaded question about compensation.
  • Practice answering interview questions – Take the time to say your answers out loud and get some feedback so you are comfortable with how you are saying it.  And if the interview is remote, practice getting on ZOOM or checking your surroundings.

Link mentioned…

Interview Prep Guide

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