75 | Finding A Mentor And Inspiration To Help You In Your Career With Kris Senior

In this week’s episode, I spoke with Kris Senior about finding a mentor and finding what truly inspires you as a whole human.  Kris decided a few credits short of a forensic psychology degree that maybe it just wasn’t for them.  After having a random conversation with someone in a grocery store, they became a receptionist at a construction company in NYC.  While there, Kris decided to check out other departments within the company and just ask what they could help with.  In doing that, Kris found a mentor that was the CFO of the company and she took Kris under her wing and the rest, as they say, is history.  Kris shares their journey from “college dropout” to finding someone who became their mentor, not only mentally but emotionally supporting them to become successful and fulfilled as well as how to be a mentor.

In this episode, you will specifically learn how to:

  • Find a mentor that inspires you  – someone who will push you, give you the hard facts but encourage you to find your own space and who you are and allow you to be vulnerable and authentic
  • When you find something new, where are the gaps and opportunities – is it through going to school, is it on the job training or a networking group?
  • How to become a mentor – Is there a place in your community that lacks resources, does your company sponsor a mentorship program?  

More About Kris…

Kris’s career began in the NYC construction industry as a receptionist after leaving college a few credits shy of a forensic psychology degree. Quickly, they began to take on responsibilities from all departments not knowing at all what they wanted to focus their career on. Kris’s first promotion was into the accounting department as a project accountant after spending a lot of personal time digging through the department to find any shortcomings. After a couple of great catches, they were running the accounting department just shy of an accounting degree and then moved onto multiple small companies looking to make extreme growth moves. Currently, Kris is the financial controller for an exterior home remodeling firm that is rapidly growing in a very odd economy. 

How to connect with Kris…


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