76 | Finding Your Voice In Your Career And Tying That To Your Personal Values With Habibah Saafir

This week I spoke with Habibah about finding her voice in her career and aligning it with her personal values. When she started college, Habibah had no idea what career path she wanted to pursue.  After taking some general courses, she chose nursing since she loves to care for others but, like many of us, as she learned more about that field realized it wasn’t right for her.  Having a love for mathematics and after talking with friends and family members, she found engineering.  She jumped in feet first, graduated and began a career in construction management.  During this time, she overcame obstacles and broke down barriers to achieve her version of success.  She became passionate about sharing her journey with others so she recently took another step in her career and became a coach and wrote a book to help others!

In this episode, you will specifically learn how to…

  • Trust yourself – saying yes to challenges that may be out of your comfort zone and finding opportunities you may not have tried otherwise
  • Have candid conversations  – being open and willing to communicate with your manager about what you believe in, your values, your experiences and who you are as a whole human
  • Be quiet and sit with yourself – finding an outlet to define, reflect and understand what your values are, what is important to you and what impact do you want to make, this could be meditating, journaling or just sitting alone outside, craving out time for just YOU

Links mentioned…

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More about Habibah…

Habibah is the founder and CEO of RYT Health and Life Coaching.  She is a career success coach and also holds a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering.  After working in construction management for over 6 years, she decided to transition into coaching professional women in order to help them achieve their definition of success in their career and life.  Habibah is a full-time entrepreneur, an author, a wife and mother of three beautiful children.  When she’s not switching between the many hats she wears, Habibah spends her time connecting with and providing academic mentorship to the youth in underserved communities in northern New Jersey.

How to connect with Habibah…

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