78 | The Importance Of Authenticity And Confidence During A Career Change With Julia Wuench

In this week’s episode, I spoke with Julie Wuench, my friend, mentor and partner.  Julia studied economics and gender studies in college and after graduating she went into corporate finance in the healthcare space.  After several years, and feeling like that wasn’t what she was meant to do, Julia went back to school to get her MBA.  Eventually realizing that she didn’t have to mash up all her skills and knowledge into one career and could spread it around in different areas of her life.  So she founded her own company!  She works with emerging and seasoned leaders either in large corporations or directly one-on-one.  Additionally, she writes for various publications and is a speaker about being authentic and how to take risks to see yourself succeed.

In this episode, you will specifically learn how to…

  • Lead with some soul searching – think about what you have done in the past that excited you in your career or your life, finding the facets of those things and apply those to the career you want.
  • Use the skills you have – making a career pivot is not failure, it’s realizing that the skills and knowledge you have can be used differently.
  • Talk to others – ask others who know you well from different areas of your life how they see you, this may also highlight what you are passionate about.  
  • Be authentic – stop being who you think you are supposed to be; by being your authentic self, you will feel more confident, present your best self and do a better job!

Other helpful resources…

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More about Julia…

Julia Wuench is the Founder of The Authenticity Guide, an Executive and Career Coaching firm. She has an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, and is a regular Contributor to Forbes, writes on topics like The Positive Power of Failure, How to Combat Imposter Syndrome, and Leveraging Strengths at Work, to name a few. She has been named a Business Insider Most Innovative Career Coach and has been featured on BBC World News and Fox Business News. Previous clients include many other departments at Duke, Cornell, and Cisco and Chief.

How to connect with Julia…