80 | How To Land Your Next Job With Ease With Dan Carr

In this pop-up podcast, we are going deep into the weeds on how to land that amazing new job!   The newest member of the KDW Coaching team and our talent partner, Dan Carr, comes along for the conversation with his knowledge from the recruiting world about his experience hiring and what he looks for as a recruiter to help you with your job search.  Dan focuses on not only getting the right person for the company but also making sure the company is right for the person.  We are so happy to have Dan partner with us and think you will be too!

In this episode, you will specifically learn how to…

  • How to stand out on your resume – Recruiters and hiring managers get thousands of resumes so making sure you stand out among the crowd is crucial.
  • Understanding and using keywords – Linkedin, recruiters, job boards, etc… how recruiters use “keyword” searches to sort through resumes and how you shouldn’t obsess how about it!
  • Why networking is SO important – Networking is scary but shouldn’t be.  How to begin to network and how to find someone who is close to the job or company that you are targeting and reach out to them and leverage your contacts or relationship you already have.
  • How to prep for the interview – Researching the company and job and reflecting on your experiences, interviewing in-person vs. ZOOM and also being prepared for the hard questions.
  • Remembering you are a whole human – Life happens and realizing there are things out of your control so set goals but also give yourself forgiveness during your job search.

More about Dan Carr…

Dan partnered with early stage, high growth, startups as a recruiting leader, driving strategic direction and execution of all areas of the talent lifecycle. His role was to understand and advise on the skill sets needed to achieve company goals and then identify and engage with the best talent in the industry, building world class teams. His most recent partnership was with a FitTech startup that grew from 20 to 225 people in a little less than a year.

He has always led with one core initiative and that has been to humanize the recruiting experience. Dan feels that too often working with a recruiter or the job search experience as a whole can feel nothing less than transactional. He found that success is achieved with authentic relationships that have a foundation in empathy, transparency and trust. 

You can connect with Dan on LinkedIn and through our KDW Coaching website!

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