81 | Season 5 Kick-off – Hitting Your 2022 Career Goals In The Last Two Months Of The Year

Welcome to season 5!  I had no idea when I started this podcast at the beginning of the pandemic that it would lead to 5 seasons of sharing not only my advice based on my own story but all the inspiring stories and advice from some amazing everyday people!  And I am excited to have Dan Carr onboard with my team as a coach to help with resumes, job searches and recruiter insights. In this new role, Dan will join us from time to time on the podcast as well! 

If you are looking to make a change, whether it be making a change in your current organization, wanting to refresh your current role or thinking about going for that promotion, we’ve got you covered!  Don’t let the calendar scare you!  You can start today  even with 10 weeks left in 2022 and still get to that new job!  

Season 5 is all about helping you in your career search, getting unstuck and shining brighter!  And we can’t wait for you to join us on this journey!!

In this episode, you will specifically learn how to…

  • Identify why you want to make a change – what do you love in your role or company, what would you change in your current role, what are some of your values that you hold and what are your non-negotiables.
  • Identify roles and industries that excite you – make a list of your skills or skills you may need to learn.  You can do this by looking at job description and see where your skills overlap or where there are gaps.
  • Identify your network– reach out to anyone and everyone, they may not be in the industry you are targeting but you never know, they might just know someone.  This will also allow you to tell your story and let the world know where you are heading and not where you have been.
  • Make a plan – tips on how to create a plan to land that new role this year!

Links mentioned…

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