82 | How Do I Know If A Company Is Right For Me?

When working with clients, often they are trying to figure out how to decide on good companies to consider, especially in today’s market.   And it’s a fair question considering what we have gone through in the past few years.  People want to know how they can make sure they are moving to a company that reflects their values, is stable, has a strong leadership team, and where the company is going.  In this podcast, we are going to identify questions you should be asking yourself as well as the companies you are thinking about moving to.  And as always, you will walk away with some actionable steps when considering if a company is right for you!

In this episode, you will specifically learn how to identify…

  • What is most important to you – is it flexibility, alignment with values of the company, the background of the leadership team, etc..?
  • What is different from today – identifying things you love with your current company and what are things you wish you could change.
  • What is the health of the company -how are they handling the hard times as well as how they celebrate the good, are they in an industry that has been impacted lately by the economic rollercoaster, and how much have they been hiring lately.
  • What questions to ask about the company’s culture – identifying what questions to ask to get tangible answers from the company and how they handle different situations on a day to day basis.

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