83 | Places You Haven’t Thought To Look For Jobs

In this week’s episode, Dan is back as my co-host and  talk about all the different ways to actually find different open jobs.  We walk through different job boards, creative ways to find out about  openings, how recruiters find your application and the cadence needed to do your job search.  In today’s world, there is so much information at our fingertips and job searching can be overwhelming.  Dan and I share insights, advice and how-tos from our 20+ years in HR and recruiting to help you with your job search.  We will also give you actionable steps to help you along the way!

In this episode, you will specifically learn…

  • Where to find job postings – From letting Google do the work for you, searching job boards on a company’s website, niche job boards, Linkedin, Slack channels, Indeed, etc.
  • How to use networking to find out about jobs – Spoiler alert, often networking groups have their own job boards or will just share open roles their companies are hiring for because they want to find great people for their teams
  • How to consider negative reviews of companies you find – If a company has 1 or 2 negative reviews, don’t pass them over.  Instead look for trends, such as, leadership is checked out or the work/life balance doesn’t exist and there are 5 or more with the same theme, then you may want to explore that more in interviews.
  • How to job search without burning out – Setting a cadence on your search, having a time limit each day to spend searching for roles,  as well as creating a list of what to search on those days. 

Some of our favorite * job boards (outside of LinkedIn & Indeed)…

  1. Remote work – Power to FlyWe Work Remotely
  2. Start-ups – AngelListOtta
  3. Tech jobs – BuiltIn
  4. Non-profit or mission driven companies – IdealistB-Corp
  5. Working Moms – The Mom Project
  6. Education – HigherEd Jobs

*we do not have any association with these boards, they are just places we have posted jobs and know other companies use to post their open roles!