84 | Translating Job Descriptions With Dan Carr

In this week’s episode, Dan and I talk about how to actually understand  job descriptions as you do your job search.  There are job descriptions that are really good at describing what the job is going to entail, the team you will work with and the company’s expectations, however, since there are no real guidelines on how to write them, or they have been recycled over the years and never updated, they can be lacking key information.  But that’s no reason to discount the role or company!  Dan and I have written many job descriptions in our years of HR and recruiting, some good, some bad, and we share with you how to decipher the what the hiring manager is looking for, key elements in the description, what questions to ask, as well as, some helpful actionable tips and tricks to help you in your search!

In this episode, you will specifically learn how to…

  • How to find key elements in the “about the company” description – what are the company’s values or culture, how the company is growing or even a snapshot of what the role will be or the team that you will be working with in the company.
  • How to look for key elements about the role – you can learn a lot in the overview as well as what is listed in the  “responsibilities” and “qualifications” sections.  Focusing on finding what is important to you and putting the two together.
  • How not to over analyze job descriptions – you probably don’t have 100%, or close, to the requirements or qualifications.  But still apply to the role! Let the recruiter and hiring manager make that decision.   
  • How to find your “green and red flags” – knowing what is important to you and where to find that information.  Is it a company’s mission/culture/values, a remote or hybrid working environment, work/life balance, health of the company, etc.. Spoiler alert – are they listed anywhere on the career page or job descriptions?   
  • How to understand the titles/levels – titles and levels can all mean different things within any company so we talk about how to use the  language posted for the role, minimal years of requirement to figure out if it would be a lateral move, or a promotion or other indicators.