85 | It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know With Dan Carr

In this week’s episode, Dan and I talked about networking or as I like to say relationship building.  How to do it in a way that’s authentic to you, the benefits in your job search and beyond and how it doesn’t have to be at happy hour or swapping of business cards.  We’ve talked a lot in the past episodes about networking because relationship building is one the most valuable resources you will have throughout your career.  You should be leveraging and strengthening those relationships even when you aren’t looking for a new job, role or career, who knows, you may be in a position to help someone else when they are looking for a new job or someone to hire.  We have some great tips, tricks and actionable steps for you!

In this episode, you will specifically learn how to…

  • How to build a network – Start with Linkedin and build your network with anyone you currently work with, have you worked in the past or you consider a subject matter expert in your industry or desired industry.  You can also connect with alumni from your school, a sorority or fraternity, even friends and family.  
  • How to connect with someone – You may not know everyone personally that you want to connect with but find common ground and send a short direct message to them.  It can be as simple as, we went to the same school, looks like you know this person, I really liked what you mentioned in this post, making it purposeful and clear that you took the time to reach out to them and not a general message.
  • How to network if you aren’t currently seeking a job –  You may be happy in your current role/industry but want to figure out what the future looks like. Think about what type of company you want to align with, where you want to take your career and start with information gathering.  Leverage your connections by having conversations about the company they work for, what do they like or dislike in their company, what projects are they currently working on, etc.  .  
  • How to network if you are currently seeking a job – Don’t be shy about reaching out to your connections.  By showing genuine interest in their company, brand or a position that is open, shows you have done your research and not sending the same message to others.  Many companies have a referral program so if you get hired, they may get a bonus or extra vacation day!
  • How to prepare for a conversation with a connection – Focus on one topic to start, it will seem natural and not like an interview. Ask about their journey, their experience with the company, the culture of the company and allow it to grow organically.  Be respectful of their time, if they give you 15 minutes and it goes over, that’s great! But show you are conscious of their time and it may lead to more conversations.

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