87 | Myth Busting Cover Letters And Resumes With Dan Carr

In this week’s episode, Dan and I talk about busting through all the myths about how to write a cover letter, crafting a resume, and most importantly what a recruiter or hiring manager is looking for in those documents.  This is the first impression you have with a potential employer so you need to be able to convey your brand, what you are looking for in a job and not get caught up in outdated rules of the cover letter and resume.  We talk about how the more you can help recruiters connect the dots between your background and their role, the more likely they are to reach out for an interview.  And as always, we have helpful tips, tricks, and actionable steps!

In this episode, you will specifically learn…

  • What are recruiters are looking for on your resume – spoiler alert they start with your most recent role and how it relates to the role you applied for – and THEN the rest of your resume and your cover letter 
  • How to use keywords to grab the recruiters attention and when it may be appropriate to “retitle” yourself that correlate to the position you are applying for 
  • What story to tell in your cover letter and how to make a genuine connection to the brand, position, and/or company

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