89 | Why We’re Sick Of The Term “Quiet Quitting” and “Quiet Firing”

This week’s episode is a little different.  I wanted to share with you my thoughts on “quiet quitting” and “quiet firing”.  And more recently, “quiet promoting”.  Basically it comes down to assuming bad intent.  Employees are realizing they may need to create some boundaries  but companies are concerned they are disengaged and “quiet quitting”.  Or, an individual feels like more work and taking on more responsibilities but not getting a promotion, so therefore, they feel the company may be “quietly promoting” them.  On the flip side, people believe their company is sending negative signals about their role and their employment, and worry about “quiet firing”.  In my opinion, in all these situations, it all comes down to communication.  Here’s a thought… Let’s actually start talking to each other!!  

In this episode I share my thoughts on these click-bait trends (and yes we know we used it in our own headlines this week).    So whether you are an employee, a manager or if you are in HR, I really encourage you to listen to this episode to recognize how we might be biased in what we are experiencing.  And if there is truth to the situation (you are disengaged, you are avoiding a tough conversation, you aren’t recognizing your team) then we share some tips on how to identify that and start the real conversation that needs to happen.

In this episode, you will specifically learn about…

As a manager…

  • How to have  hard conversations that you need to have with an employee
  • How to improve communication to try  to calm uncertainties in your organization
  • How to recognize an employee even if a promotion isn’t available right now

As an employee…

  •  How to set boundaries and talk to your manager about them
  • How to interpret  “negative” signals from your company? 
  • How to talk to your manager about your  career path (or apparent lack of it) 
  • How to identify if you are disengaged or just burned out

Helpful resources…

The Ladder of Inference – Mindtools.com 

Leadership and Self-Deception – Getting Out Of The Box – The Arbinger Institute

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