96 | How to Balance Job Hunting With Working a Full-Time Job

If you’re currently in a full time role while you’re job searching, you’re in a great position! However, it can still be tough to find time to research, apply, and interview for a new job while balancing your full-time job. In this episode, we’re sharing the routines you can adopt to make time for job hunting without burning yourself out or alerting your current company to your search.

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Some key takeaways from this episode include:

  • If you have a pretty demanding job, carve out a few hours on the weekend for your search. You can also repurpose your personal time, such as lunch breaks or the hour you’re usually decompressing on social media at the end of the day.
  • When it comes to interviews, let the recruiter or hiring manager know you’re still working full time. Try to schedule a time in the morning hours before work, on a lunch break at a quiet coffee shop, or later in the work day when meetings aren’t really happening.
  • Updating your LinkedIn profile can be nerve-wrecking because you don’t want to alert your employer that you’re possibly looking for a job. In your LinkedIn settings, you can actually turn off the public notifications that let your connections know you’ve updated your profile.