98 | How to Level Up Your Skills While Looking for a New Job

Your ability to learn new skills quickly is a great asset to employers, but what if you took it a step further and pursued learning the skills you need on your own before you apply for the job? That’s called upskilling, and it’s an amazing way to build your skillset, confidence, and industry knowledge to secure your next big role. In this episode, we’re sharing our experience with upskilling in our careers, and the spectrum of learning opportunities from webinars to certifications to online courses.

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Some key takeaways from this episode include:

  • While you don’t need to check every single box in a job description to apply, the knowledge gaps you have might make you nervous for an interview. By taking a class or getting a certification in that area, you’ll show up confidently for your interview… and hopefully the role!
  • When you’re deciding which skill or tool you should learn more about, scan through the job descriptions you’ve been looking at and pick the ones that have shown up consistently in 10-15 of those job descriptions.
  • Sometimes there’s a big payoff for upskilling, but it can also come down to applied experience. Remember that upskilling is an opportunity to learn new things, find new passions or things you’re great at, and shouldn’t only be tied to your job search.