99 | Land a New Job Before the New Year: 5 Steps to Kick Off Your Job Search

If you’re about to start looking for a new job, this episode is for you! Karen and Dan are sharing their five steps for starting your job search so you feel clear, ready, and even excited to get started looking for your next big role. We’re confident that if you follow these steps and take decisive action, you could land a new job by the new year – keep us posted over on IG!

Some key takeaways from this episode include:

  • Identify the companies you want to target and why. If you can point to something about the company that makes you genuinely excited to apply there, it’s going to come through in your cover letter and make the process more enjoyable overall.
  • In order to effectively update your resume and LinkedIn profile, you have to be super clear about the types of companies and roles you’re looking for. The more specific you can be, the more you’ll stand out to recruiters.
  • Start networking early. Use the first four steps to craft your story and what you’re looking for, then start meeting people and building relationships. You never know who could lead you to your next big role.