The Why

We know what it’s like when you’re lost in your career; we have been there.

But we also understand how businesses work thanks to 20+ years on internal HR teams. We want to take a step out of our day-to-day roles and be able to help more people and more companies shine their brightest.

Our Values

You Be You

Live with Serenity

Follow Through

Dream Bigger

Our Vision

Helping people be happy and successful at work ultimately helps them be happier and healthier in all areas of their lives.

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Our Team

Karen Weeks

Hollywood deserter to HR nerd to Shining Coach.

After starting her career in theatre and entertainment, Karen found her true passion in helping organizations build amazing cultures while guiding individuals to ignite their inner spark. Her goal is to encourage people to be happy and successful at work because that ultimately helps them be happier and healthier in all areas of their lives. By bringing the perspective of a coach, an HR leader, a manager, and a business owner herself, Karen is able to help both the business and the humans achieve their goals simultaneously.

Now with over 20 years of HR leadership experience, Karen is the Global Chief People Officer at Obviously, a VML/WPP company, and founded the coaching business, Shine at Work®.  She hosts the career development podcast, also called “Shine at Work“, and is the author of “Setting the Stage: A Guide to Preparing for Any Feedback Conversation.” As a corporate speaker, she enjoys sharing stories and actionable advice so that people can shine at work and in life.

A New England native (Go Sox!) she currently lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband and furry babies.

Certifications & Roles

Dan Carr

Over the last decade+, Dan has partnered with early-stage, high-growth startups as a recruiting leader, driving the strategic direction and execution of all areas of the talent lifecycle. His most recent partnership was with a FitTech startup that grew from 20 to 225 people in a little less than a year.

Dan believes that success is achieved with authentic relationships that have a foundation in empathy, transparency, and trust. He’s now thrilled to be working from the other side, leveraging these past experiences to help those seeking new opportunities navigate the recruiting landscape and streamline their job search efforts.

In his personal life, Dan is a lifetime NY’er, obsessed with music. Dan plays several instruments and his high school band’s claim to fame was opening up for Vanilla Ice.

Mandy Amos

After dedicating 30+ years to the medical device and healthcare industry, her transition into a role where she could both utilize her organizational skills and explore her creative interests was a natural progression, first as the Program Coordinator and now as the Business Manager at Shine at Work®.

In her role, Mandy is the linchpin in creating memorable and engaging experiences for clients. Whether managing the logistics of in-person and virtual events or strategizing social media outreach. Mandy’s story is not just about a career change; it’s about finding a pathway that bridges her past expertise with her present passions, proving that it’s never too late to reshape one’s career journey while making a significant impact.

Mandy is a North Carolina native, currently living in Charlotte.


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Our Partners

Shine at Work® is successful thanks to a growing collection of partners. Thank you, team!

Kristen Stegall
Podcast Manager

Jen McFarland
Website Manager

Alex Carson
Photography & Video

Charlene Jefferson
High Performance Coach

Lisa Speer
Brand & Creative Director

Jenna Young
Project Manager

Reese Williams

Kaitlin Lacey