Being Intentional With Your Next Career Move 

Whether you are several years into your career or just a couple of jobs under your belt, you might be asking yourself if you are on the right path. Where might that desire be coming from? 

Several of us on the Shine at Work team have felt that way. We either found ourselves in careers that didn’t actually fit what we wanted in life or we realized we had just bounced from job to job without taking a step back and thinking about what we wanted to actually do. And it’s not just us. Our last five clients have come to us for that exact reason, to be more purposeful in whatever their next step is in their career.

So how do you start the journey to be more intentional in your next career move?
The first step is to identify why you’re feeling stuck, or what’s happening in your life right now. What has changed for you over the years? What have you learned about yourself or the industry you are in that might be affecting how you are feeling? This can help you decide what needs to change and why. Is it your current role, your current company or an overall sense that something needs to be different. We always encourage people to really reflect on what is important moving forward. You would hate to leave a great company or great team because you didn’t ask yourself the hard questions. Or even worse, you make a change and find yourself feeling the same way in a year. So part of being intentional is to really reflect on where you have come from, what you have learned and where you want to go. Then you can figure out what needs to change, if anything.

Building on that, now you can figure out what you want (what you really really want – thank you Spice Girls!). What are your transferable skills? Who do you know in the field you are interested in who might be able to tell you more? Don’t go all in until you have some data to confirm that your hypothesis is right. Again, this is your time to be intentional, to do the work to make sure whatever you do next will be right for you. So don’t just jump. Take the time to explore, to learn and see what is possible.

Finally, Leverage your HR partner, a mentor, your manager or a career coach to help you create a plan. Obviously, depending on what you want to do next will determine the right person to talk to. But the HR team and your manager wants you to be happy, so they would likely be willing to work with you to find a role at your organization that fits your ultimate goals and values if it makes sense. A mentor can share how they navigated their career at different times and share some advice, or maybe even make some introductions. A career coach can be an objective partner who can help you think through the pros and cons of different options and help you create a plan (and stick to it) to get the new goals you have set for yourself. The key is, don’t do it alone!

If you take those three steps, you will be able to identify what you need and want out of your career for the next few years and lean in to those opportunities. You will feel more in control and more excited about what comes next. Which means you will be shining your brightest at work and in life, which is what this is all about!

Looking for some additional resources and inspiration? Check out our podcast episode on this exact topic! Or if you are looking for some prompts to start your reflection, check out our Shine Bright Workbook that has actionable exercises to get you started. And of course we can help, so let’s connect to take a first step on your journey.