Sticking to a Routine to Help You Achieve Your Career Goals

It’s a new year which means everyone is talking about habits. While there is a lot of research about how long it takes to build a habit and what we … Read More

Being Intentional With Your Next Career Move 

Whether you are several years into your career or just a couple of jobs under your belt, you might be asking yourself if you are on the right path. Where … Read More

Remembering the Other Human In Human Resources

Sound familiar?   You started your day with one list of to do’s and didn’t get to any of them.   You had to put out a fire or clean up someone … Read More
Shine at Work with Career Coach Karen Weeks

Shine Bright in 2023

We are already one month into 2023, did you make a plan to for how you can make the most of it and shine bright in the workplace? Whether you are … Read More

Why It’s Never Too Late To Learn A New Skill And Make A Career Change

Why society decided that the ripe age of 18 is the perfect time for us to decide on a single career path is something the world may never know.  Because … Read More

How To Find What Brings You Joy at Work One Day At A Time

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3 Reasons Why You Need Self-Belief To Find A Career You Love

Unfortunately, you’re going to need more than some luck and a bit of pixie dust to find career success doing work that you genuinely love!  As much as we may … Read More

How to Network Like an Expert (Even When You Don’t Feel Like One)

Ah, networking. Just that word alone may be the shortest horror story ever, depending on who you ask, but what if I told you networking doesn’t have to be that … Read More

3 Things to Do Right Now to Get Unstuck in Your Career and Move Forward

So, you don’t like your current role, and you’ve been weighing your options and asking yourself some hard questions like, “Is it really possible to find another job that I’ll … Read More

Shine Bright

Every coach has one :). Their version of the wheel of life. I recently discovered mine, and I call it Shine Bright! When we are not feeling our best, when … Read More
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