When your career needs to take a backseat

I am very career oriented AND I need to focus on my family. I have so excited about what is ahead AND I am so distracted I can’t focus on it. I am my … Read More

Resumes: 2 Truths & 1 Lie

We are going to use the fun ice breaker 2 Truths and a Lie and myth bust some questions we often get about resumes. Yes, resumes are important. But you … Read More

3 Places People Get Stuck While Onboarding in a New Job

Congrats, you got the new job! But this is just the beginning. Now you have to make sure you are set up for success and kick off your new career … Read More

Three Ways to Spark a Career Switch

One of the reasons Shine at Work was created because we saw in people what we have felt in our own lives throughout our careers. That moment when you ask … Read More

Embracing Your AND…

I am a high achiever AND I am exhausted I love my career AND I love being a parent I don’t want kids AND I love my niece and nephew … Read More

Asking for feedback to grow your career

You need to be more strategic. The work you did on that project was great. I question if you are engaged. Keep doing what you are doing. Have you ever … Read More

Sticking to a Routine to Help You Achieve Your Career Goals

It’s a new year which means everyone is talking about habits. While there is a lot of research about how long it takes to build a habit and what we … Read More

Being Intentional With Your Next Career Move 

Whether you are several years into your career or just a couple of jobs under your belt, you might be asking yourself if you are on the right path. Where … Read More

Remembering the Other Human In Human Resources

Sound familiar?   You started your day with one list of to do’s and didn’t get to any of them.   You had to put out a fire or clean up someone … Read More
Shine at Work with Career Coach Karen Weeks

Shine Bright in 2023

We are already one month into 2023, did you make a plan to for how you can make the most of it and shine bright in the workplace? Whether you are … Read More
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