Chumbawamba Had It Right…Well Sort Of (repost)

“I get knocked down, but I get up again.  You’re never gonna keep me down.”  I couldn’t have said it better Chumbawamba (a band from the late 90’s).  Now that song goes on to not be as relevant, but I’m going to ignore that and just focus on this opening part 🙂

Bernard Marr (a best selling author and enterprise performance expert at the Advanced Performance Institute) recently wrote an article called “The One Thing Successful People Never Do”.  Marr often writes about happiness and success and the reason why I like his articles and posts is that they anyone can benefit from their messages.  So often articles address a specific audience, no matter their claims, and therefore, in my mind, they lose credibility.

But in this recent post, Marr calls out something so obvious, yet so enlightening.  Successful people don’t give up.  He shares examples of people like Richard Branson, Henry Ford and even J.K. Rowling.  But I bet everyone knows someone who has found “success” because they didn’t give up, they didn’t take “no” for an answer, they tried something else when one thing didn’t work as planned.  The couple that realizes they can’t conceive naturally, and find an alternative way to bring a child into their lives.  The artist that can finally quit that part-time job because they can support themselves by all their different gigs throughout the year.  The small business owner that can hire a part-time office person to help them manage the day to day business.  The runner that completes their first marathon.  The student that is accepted to their first choice school.  ANYONE who faced adversity when trying to reach their goal, but never gave up.

Sometimes the most simple statement can be the most impactful and turn on the brightest light in your mind (and soul!!!).  Success is happiness.  And everyone has different happiness goals (as you saw by the examples above).  But no matter your definition of success, if you have a goal that you have been struggling with, or you have wondered if you have the strength to continue, just remember…everyone has hit a wall, but has figured out a way to climb over (or heck, just go around).  Or they have hit a speed bump, but it will only slow you down…don’t let it stop you (and if you need to, change your tire, and then get back on the road!). The tip?  Surround yourself with people that will help you keep going (per a previous post…your Bullhorn!). And read the stories of some of these well-known people to be reminded to never give up and always get up again!