We all work way too much and too hard in this life.  We want people to actually enjoy going to work! 

At Shine at Work® we believe that when people feel happy and successful at work that ultimately helps them be happier and healthier in all areas of their life. 

Where are you in your Journey?

Job Seeker

You are looking for a new job or aiming to make a career change. You need help identifying what you want to do next, preparing for the job search, and seeking accountability and support to land that new role.


  • Weekly 30-minute meeting
  • Job search support
  • Resume/LinkedIn profile review
  • Interview prep
  • Networking strategies

Career Development

You are focused on how to grow and develop in your career. You need a partner to coach you to success and help navigate the next steps in your role.


  • Weekly 30-minute meeting
  • Navigating feedback and performance reviews
  • Strategies for landing that promotion
  • Networking strategies

Leadership Development

You are a leader looking to grow in your career. You want to become a better manager for your team and find new ways to guide and inspire those around you.


  • Biweekly 60-minute meetings
  • DiSC profile assessment (Dominance, influence, Steadiness, Conscientiousness)
  • 360 assessment

HR Advising & Coaching

You are a founder or in a position of leadership for company HR. You’re seeking support for your team, recruiting and hiring insights, or other project-based support.


  • Project-dependent training and support
  • Manager training for you and/or your team

Start with the Shine Bright Workbook!

In this workbook, you will find worksheets and templates, plus space to capture your thoughts, goals, and – most importantly – the action steps to make the changes you want to make. Grab this free workbook and get started with your own self-assessment today!


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Success Stories

I started working with Karen at a moment when I felt truly stuck in my career and at a loss for what to do next, and I am so grateful I did. Through empathetic listening, exploratory exercises and pragmatic advice, Karen helped me clarify what my own goals were, and come up with actionable next steps.

Technical Recruiter

I trusted Dan and the process, and I was able to secure a higher paying role in my dream industry. Happiness and job satisfaction is within your own control and I highly recommend working with Karen and Dan to get you there!

Marketing Manager

Karen and Dan are experts in what they do and that insight is so valuable in understanding what companies and recruiters are looking for.

Marketing Manager

Every interaction with Karen leaves me with more competency, self-confidence, and strategic clarity amidst the complexity of modern People leadership.

HR Leader & Start-up Founder

After being at my current role for 8 years, I felt stuck. Karen helped me dig into my interests and passions to unravel the path I was looking to move towards.

Sales Ops Manager


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