Create an Open Concept for your Development & Knock Down those Walls (repost)

I love HGTV and DIY networks.  Specifically, I’m a HUGE fan of the Property Brothers. They are charismatic and can really teach a lot about how to think rationally about your home instead of some of those shows where you know no one can afford or keep up once the TV crew leaves.

Why am I talking about home renovations on a development blog?  Because I recently realized I needed to live my life more in the open concept design they always do on those shows.  Huh?  Wait, stay with me and it will all make sense. I am currently in the process of writing two books (because why should a first time writer just write one).  One was coming along really well, but I’m not as passionate about it.  I think it has a lot of really valuable information and will be really impactful for my target audience, but it’s not the topic that energizes me to sit down and write.  The second is more my passion. It’s about helping people find happiness in their lives, whatever that looks like.  Nice, right?!  Who doesn’t want to help people be happy?!  Problem is that I wasn’t finding my angle.  It didn’t have the through line. Just random, albeit helpful (in my humble opinion tips and tools. 

So I was constantly having this battle in my head over the last month or so – forcing myself to sit and write book #1 as much as book #2.  Then last week I started reading a new book, “Getting Real About Having it All” by Megan Dalla-Camina.  And I’ll be damned, it’s basically the book I was trying to write!  Very similar to my casual style.  The same balance of life and career focus.  Everything.  At first I was mad.  Did I wait to long to write a book?  Do I not have any original ideas?  Why did she get to be awesome first?

Then I took a deep breath, and realized, I did not need to keep this wall up (see, I told you I would bring it back to home design).  I can knock down this wall I have discovered and create an open concept to other rooms in the house.  For example, as you may recall, my theme for 2014 is “The Whole Self” and just last weekend I was watching another reality show called “The Profit” on CNBC (think Kitchen Nightmares meets Shark Tank).  The gazillionaire investor was working with a small gym and talking to them about making it more of an all encompassing wellness center (juice bar, nutritionist, life coach, classes, machines, yoga, message, etc).  This idea resonated with me and I started thinking about a “Whole Self” blog where we would have different sections for different areas of wellness: mind and soul, nutrition, physical, etc.  I could ask guest writers who are experts in their fields contribute (while reaching a broader audience).  Then when I realized I had found a wall in my development space, I immediately imagined myself knocking it down and creating an entry way to this new idea. I can take some of the concepts from my life coaching book and turn it into something bigger, more well-rounded, and potentially something that is not currently in the market.  Like all renovations, it will take some time to build out properly.  But I am really excited about the concept!

The point of all this is not to share my reality show DVR list (though clearly it is influencing my life!) but to give you another way to think about your goals and the way you live your life.  Instead of getting frustrated or discouraged because you ran into a wall…take a sledge hammer and knock it down.   Find the right flow for the life you want to be living or the work you want to be doing.  Be creative, think outside the box!  It’s not a stop sign, it’s a detour or a new route all together.  And those can be just as exciting as the original path you thought you were following.  Look at how you can connect the dots to other areas of your life.  Often you will find greater success when there is a link to another “room”.  And at the end of the day, unless it is a load bearing wall, you can knock down anything.  And even then, Jonathan has taught me that you can get creative and create a funky beam 🙂  Happy renovating!!!