Determining the Right Employee Experience for Your Team

IMG_2816Fifteen plus years ago I made the move from theatre to HR because I wanted to help people find success in their careers.   We all work way too much in this life – and I want to make sure people actually enjoy what they do.

As the VP of People at Ordergroove, I am responsible for creating a great employee experience for our team, one that will drive and scale our business.   Employee Experience is a key strategy for any great organization. Companies are focused on creating a great place for people to work, a supportive environment and a sense of community for the teams.  That will evolve over time. A few months ago, I spoke with Stephen Vincent’s EX Podcast about how to create an environment where change is expected and the ability to evolve with the business is key.  

Notice how I didn’t say culture.  Culture is important, but it’s becoming a little buzz-worthy in my mind.  What does culture really mean? How do people create a unique culture for their organization?   Well in my humble opinion…they create it through their employee experience.

More and more organizations realize one of their top assets is their people.  And those people are actually humans. Humans that have needs and want to feel supported, recognized, motivated and who care about the work that they are doing.  I am not saying they are dainty snowflakes who should get a trophy for showing up to work on time. Part of creating a strong employee experience is to identify what good looks like, find strong people and, sadly, help those that aren’t the right fit find a way to move on in a respectful manner.  

It’s important to consider what the right employee experience is for your organization.  I just spent two days at the EX Impact Winter Summit.   Speaker after speaker shared their stories of how they create great employee experiences.  From onboarding, to using design thinking to think about internal mobility, to creating a company identity, to the importance of integrating work and life priorities, to using analytics to build strong recruiting practices and culture champion programs.   Great ideas across the board. But you can’t copy and paste what someone else does, use the ideas to inspire you to think about what is the best employee experience for your company!