Embracing Your AND…

I am a high achiever AND I am exhausted

I love my career AND I love being a parent

I don’t want kids AND I love my niece and nephew

I want to buy a pickup truck AND I want to buy an electric car

I love living in a city AND I need the quiet of going on nature walks

I am ready to retire AND I don’t want to stop working

I love heavy metal AND instrumental piano music

These are just some of the many AND statements we have said ourselves and heard from our clients lately. And we love the idea that we are more than just one thing. There is a duality to all of us, that is what makes us amazing humans. But sometimes we are known for one thing and that starts to become our brand and external identity.

But we are here to celebrate and support everything aspect of who you are. Below are three things you can do to start embracing your AND.

1. Write it all down. And we mean everything. Keep a running list of every word that describes you, all your interests, passions, hobbies. All the things you feel, think, wonder about, daydream about, vision for your life. From the mundane day to day to the bucket list. No judgement, no filter, just write it all down.

2. Take a step back and take it all in. One client we worked with did this exercise and created a word cloud of similar meaning words and then the opposites of those. Another client used post-its to arrange the different words into a list of opposites. Or take colored pens or highlighters to call out things that stand out to you. The goal is to start to see a picture come together that describes all of you.

3. Tell one person. Unlike goals or accountability buddies, this time telling someone is a way to own your AND. It could be one of the fun things or an ah-ha moment that you had that helps you be at peace with something that has been in conflict recently. But it’s time to have the words to use to support all that things that make you, you, and an AND statement is a great way to start.

Wonder what this might look like? We always grow personally with the work that we do with our clients. As we kept seeing this theme more and more, we started embracing our own AND statements. Here are just a few that Karen has started to embrace. 

I love running my own business AND I love being an internal HR leader

I love going to the dump AND I love buying Kate Spade purses (which I use to pay at the dump!)

I am a high performer AND I have ADHD

I love my house/yard AND I really miss living in NYC

I am dedicated to my work AND I carve out time every day to exercise

So what is your AND? How can we celebrate it and what is one thing you are going to do today to embrace it?