How To Find What Brings You Joy at Work One Day At A Time

Having second thoughts about your career choice? 

Whether you’ve been in the workforce for only a few years or you’ve devoted an entire decade to a single industry, it’s never too early or too late to make a career change and find a job that’s better aligned with your passions and unique skill set.

You are way too essential not to share your talents where they’re really needed, and I suspect that you’re the only person who knows what’ll truly satisfy you at work! Of course, as you evolve, so will your career interests and passions. But rediscovering your spark at work isn’t always as easy as 1-2-3, so give yourself the chance to dig a little deeper to discover what’s calling to you. 

Finding joy at work isn’t so much about hopping from job to job until you find what clicks as it is about simply paying attention to what’s in front of you now. In this post, I’ll give you three tips to explain how being present is a significant key to unlocking your passions at work and help you discover what lights you up on the job! 

1. Start paying closer attention to what isn’t working in your career. 

If you’re already thinking about making a career pivot, you must’ve noticed what’s not meeting your expectations at work, and that’s a great start to discovering what fulfills you.

That might sound odd at first, but use what you feel isn’t working in your career to think about what you’d prefer instead. Sometimes, it’s easy to sit back and just focus on what’s making us unhappy at work. But turn your complaints into something productive by embracing what’s not working as learning opportunities! 

2. Get feedback about jobs you’re interested in. 

The best way to discover more about a job is to speak to someone with first-hand experience in the role! Reach out to a connection in your network for coffee or a phone call, or if the career you’re interested in exists at your current company, see about setting up a mini-interview with someone from that department. 

In one of my podcast episodes, leadership and career coach Julia Wuench said it best when she said: “Lean into what you don’t know, and don’t be afraid of asking questions!” 

This piece of advice is relevant whether you’re hunting for your next career move or not, so discover all the career possibilities available to you by exercising some curiosity! 

3. Listen to your body’s cues. 

Last but certainly not least, discover what fills you with joy at work by listening to yourself and your body’s signals! Does your mind become sharper and more focused when a particular task comes up at work? Are you more energized when working with clients versus sitting behind a desk? 

Your body has been telling you all along what you’re drawn to, so do yourself a favor and listen closely to its clues. You may find that what excites you at work is actually really obvious!

Trust the process and dig deeper to find what lights you up at work!

Are you feeling energized about your next career move now? I sure hope so! For more advice and help navigating finding your joy at work, listen to the entire conversation between Julia and me on my podcast Shine at Work here