79 | Putting together a Plan to Achieve your Career Goals

WOW!  I can’t believe we are wrapping up season 4 of the Shine At Work podcast!  We had SO many amazing guests who shared their own career journeys as well as their advice on how to achieve your goals and shine bright in work and life!  This season we focused on various themes including mental and physical health, negative self-talk, imposter syndrome, remaining true to your values and being authentic in your career and your life and so much more!   In this episode, we will bring it all together and talk about how to map out your career goals and share them with others.

In this episode, you will specifically learn how to…

  • Identify career goals – what does success look like and how does it tie to bigger life goals?  
  • Identify the gaps – where are the gaps and opportunities and how do you fill them?  Is it through going to school, is it on the job training or a networking group?
  • Map out the plan – what are the things you need to do to make your goals possible?  What are the obstacles?  What are the steps?
  • Write the goals down – Are the goals tangible?  Write down the steps to get there. Tell everyone – you never know who can help you reach those goals!

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