Shine Bright

Every coach has one 😊. Their version of the wheel of life. I recently discovered mine, and I call it Shine Bright!

When we are not feeling our best, when we are feeling stuck, or a part of our life is not as bright and energized as we need or want, the light inside of us is dim. And since we are whole humans, and not silo’d robots, when one area of our life is off, it impacts other areas as well. Are you really frustrated in your job…or are you trying to save up for a house and you aren’t making enough money? Are you feeling disengaged at work…or are you not taking care of yourself as much as you should and you are tired and have low energy because your mind and body need more nourishment?

Before making any radical changes in your life, like finding a new job, you want to take a step back and evaluate your whole life. Then once you determine where you are feeling stuck, you can put together an action plan to address that area of your life…which will then flow into other areas! You can find the full worksheet here, but let’s dive in to the different areas of your life that may need some brightening!

First, let’s just recognize that you are in the center of your life. I know that may sound obvious. But let’s remember we are doing all of this so you can be the amazing person you are meant to be. Not the person others think you are supposed to be. The person you want to be. So let’s dive in to each area of your life…

Career – We talk about this a lot. But if you are unhappy in the work that you are doing, it will impact other areas of your life. I don’t mean you have to skip off to work each morning. I know sometimes we just need “a job” or other things are more important so we find a job or career that supports other areas in our life. But you don’t have to hate it. You don’t have to be miserable. Pick a company that interests you or even who’s product you use. Something that connects you to the work you are doing.

Finances – I haven’t talked about this much but over ten years ago we were in very bad financial shape, considering bankruptcy. We were in over our heads and just didn’t know how to get out. Once we acknowledged how bad it was, we found the help we needed and that is long behind us. But during that time, the stress of our financial troubles weighed on me heavily. It distracted me at work, it hurt my relationships, it made me extremely unhealthy (mentally and physically), I carried it with me everywhere. I had no idea how heavy it weighed on me until we started working through it and I was a different person. Everyone has different financial goals and means, but if you are constantly worrying about money, for whatever reason, it impacts your life.

Home – This may tie closely to relationships for you, but I think of home as the physical space. Do you actually like where you live, your “house”, your city, your neighborhood? Do you live alone or with others (specifically roommates), and are you happy with that situation? Your home is supposed to be your sanctuary, where you feel the most at peace and the most comfortable. If that’s not the case, it can add a lot of stress to your life. We had an apartment in NYC that was in bad shape, the landlord did not take care of it. Something was always breaking and you could hear everything our neighbors did. We were miserable. It made us always on edge when we were home, or back in the day when I went to an office, it actually made my husband bitter that I got to be away for eight hours (plus) a day. We also ate out more so we weren’t at home…which meant we spent too much money. It’s all connected!

Relationships – The people in your life can make or break you. Do you have healthy, reciprocal relationships where you both bring something and get something out of it, or are there people in your life that just suck it out of you and you aren’t growing from the relationship? It’s hard to “breakup” with someone, but if it is not a healthy relationship any more, and you are not gaining energy from it, that person doesn’t have to be in your life. I’m not saying have a big dramatic conversation, especially if it’s family or someone you literally cannot walk away from. But you can slowly remove yourself (or reduce yourself) from that relationship. Remember, you are the most important person in your life. If someone else is impeding your success, not supporting you, or not bringing you energy and joy, think about what is best for you and walk away (or at least inch away).

Health – How well do you take care of yourself? Your mental and physical self? Do you eat well, do you exercise (just move, it doesn’t have to be intense), do you sleep well, do you stretch, do you breathe, do you take time to relax and have quiet moments just for you? I know some of these may seem really hard, especially if you have competing priorities in your life. But you have to make your health one of those priorities. Your body literally needs it to function. It’s needs the energy and nutrients from good food (it doesn’t have to be fancy Whole Foods items, just not always junk, something balanced). It needs to replenish and rest during sleep. It needs oxygen to heal and promote healthy cells. It needs movement to keep the blood flowing and not let muscles weaken. It needs the quiet to calm the mind. Taking care of yourself is not selfish or a nice to have, it is a necessity in order to function and survive as a human!

Purpose – Everybody calls this final piece something different. Spirituality, soulfulness, energy. For me, it’s about what makes you feel like you have purpose. Is that a mission you believe in and want to carve out time to volunteer? Is that meditation or the more traditional faith and religion? Is that just playing with your kids and seeing them learn and grow? Is that being in touch with nature and hiking and camping as much as possible…or even gardening? For me, it’s spending time outside and being with my furry babies. As I write this, I am sitting on our balcony with all three kids around me. I feel a little breeze, here the sounds of the city, and yes, get interrupted here and there making sure the cats aren’t chasing bugs or reaching down to pet our dog, but those interruptions are worth it and inspire me. Staying connected to that bigger purpose, fills your soul and replenishes your energy even if everything else feels dim in your life.

So that’s how you can shine bright in your life! I hope this is helpful to you if you are feeling stuck but aren’t sure why, or just not feeling like you are living your best life and can’t put your finger on what is driving it. Use the worksheet to dig deeper.

As always, if you need help navigating this world, let’s connect! Stay well and shine bright my friends.