It’s not just about ideas, it’s about walking away with actionable next steps.
With over 20 years of experience as an internal culture leader and career development coach, Karen shares her stories, learnings, and wins to activate action for her audiences.

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Speaking Topics

Illuminate Leadership: Moving From Rockstar Contributor To Impactful Manager

Hooray! You got promoted to manager! Welcome to a completely different job that you may or may not receive any training for! Karen gives you the 3 key concepts that every new manager needs to develop in order to be successful.


  • Identify what kind of manager you want to be and how to role model that every day
  • Learn how to balance the business needs and the human needs of your team
  • Understand the key components to build strong relationships with your team

The Other Human in Human Resources

Being an HR professional in a post-pandemic world, we are experiencing high levels of compassion fatigue. We are tapped out more than usual and it’s taking a toll on our job performance, for sure. But also our personal lives. Karen shares tools and tips to carve out time for you, your professional development, your health, your rest. The best way to start taking care of you is to come to a training that gives you permission to rest.


  • How to create boundaries even in “support” roles
  • The importance of creating a strong HR network
  • Becoming the strategic partner and influencer in our organization

Setting the Stage: Delivering Impactful Feedback

Giving feedback is hard, no matter how long you have been a manager.  And when it goes wrong, it can really go wrong.  Using real-life case studies from Karen’s published workbook, Setting the Stage, managers will get a peak behind the scenes of what to do, and not to do, to lead feedback and development conversations with confidence.


  • How to prepare for any feedback conversation
  • The importance of carving out time to focus on career development
  • The key things needed to prepare for the unexpected

Spotlight Your Unique Culture

“Organizational Culture” can be trendy. Spoiler alert: Free beer is not culture. Culture is unique to each organization and uncovering yours can feel like a flashlight with a dying battery. Stop smacking the side of your flashlight and get new batteries as Karen walks you through how to identify and implement a culture that actually works for your business.


  • Ability to determine where you are in your culture journey and how to continue to evolve through change and growth so it doesn’t go off track
  • Identifying the values and culture that are right for your company, not just adopting someone else’s
  • Examples of how to role model your values and hold your team accountable
  • Creating buy-in from the full team; it’s not just HR’s job

What Past Audiences Are Saying

“Karen was very enthusiastic and really believed what she was teaching. She was very engaging!”

“Fantastic talk. Great energy and enthusiasm. I’m walking away with much encouragement to fit our needs and adjust as we go.”

“Karen was a great presenter, kept things moving, well-spoken, and had great energy!”

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Learn more about our career experts and development coaches Karen D. Weeks and Dan Carr.

Karen Weeks

With over 20 years of HR leadership experience, Karen has focused on building amazing cultures within organizations so that individuals can ignite their careers. She is the Global Chief People Officer at Obviously, a VML/WPP company, and founded the coaching business, Shine at Work™. She hosts the career development podcast, also called “Shine at Work”, and is the author of “Setting the Stage: A Guide to Preparing for Any Feedback Conversation.” As a corporate speaker, she enjoys sharing stories and actionable advice so that people can shine at work and in life.

Dan Carr

Over the last decade+, Dan has partnered with early-stage, high-growth startups as a recruiting leader, driving the strategic direction and execution of all areas of the talent lifecycle. Dan believes that success is achieved with authentic relationships that have a foundation of empathy, transparency, and trust. He’s now thrilled to be working from the other side, leveraging these past experiences to help those seeking new opportunities navigate the recruiting landscape and streamline their job search efforts. Dan is a lifetime NY’er, obsessed with music; he plays several instruments, and his high school band’s claim to fame was opening up for Vanilla Ice.