Sticking to a Routine to Help You Achieve Your Career Goals

It’s a new year which means everyone is talking about habits. While there is a lot of research about how long it takes to build a habit and what we want to focus on is how a routine and a process is really the key.

Think about what you already do in your day. You brush your teeth, walk the dog, check your email, make your coffee with breakfast, etc. These are things that at some point in your life you started doing and now it’s just routine.

The same can be for your career too. You just have to start. For example, recently Karen started taking 15 minutes (setting a timer!) every morning to scroll LinkedIn and respond to posts that spoke to her, message people that came to mind, followed up with people who reached out to her, etc. That’s it, 15 minutes, but over a week that is over an hour of “networking” (aka relationship building!). And now that routine and creating that habit, energizes her either to start her day or give her a boost midday after lunch.

If you are looking to improve a skill or focus on your development in a certain area, how can you carve out a little time to do this in your week? One routine trick that Noom (the wellness app) suggests is pairing the new habit with an old one. So if you always walk the dog at 5pm, try listening to a podcast or audio book that will help your development goals at the same time or while grocery shopping on Saturday morning, call your mentor or a former colleague who’s brain you wanted to pick a little (just don’t be that loud person on your phone in the store and then blame us! 😁)? The point is, you can find ways to add routines to your day where they already exist to help form the habit!

We built out a weekly routine for our clients that are looking to make a job change. It’s a mix of job searching, applying, networking and follow-up. Each day you focus on something different so you feel like you are making progress in different areas and you are building on the work you are doing throughout the week. Here’s a sneak peak at that routine!

  • Monday mornings = job applications
  • Tuesday mornings = find people on LinkedIn to reach out re applications
  • Wednesday afternoons = reach out to people for networking conversations
  • Thursday mornings = job applications
  • Friday afternoons = find people on LinkedIn to reach out re applications
  • Saturday mornings = research new companies to consider & networking follow ups
  • Sunday = breath!

This routine comes with goals and tips on how to be productive and focused during your week. If you want a copy of the full routine, comment below or message us directly and we will send it your way.

You got this! Whatever your career goal is, if you find small ways to add habits to your routine you can make progress quickly and shine your brightest!